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Rightway offers many solutions for your custom mat. Sometimes these choices can be complex because there are many factors to consider (for example: door clearance). We can help you discover the BEST solution for your matting needs. Please complete our information request form, or call us at 1-800-637-0938.

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Our PrimeTime Logo Matting is a real "workhorse" in performance but at the same time just looks fabulous in a Class A building lobby entrance. This customized entrance mat combines high quality nylon material with eye catching good looks while working hard to absorb moisture and dirt in protecting your lobby floors. Unlimited sizes and shapes will guarantee a very unique custom fit to enhance your building's appearance.

Color is all about "Attitude"

Our entrance floor mat is a combination of color and detail. A selection of 24 designer dot background colors with additional choice of 48 custom dyed colors. Computer controlled technology makes it possible to create inlaid intricate designs. This logo mat is made in the U.S.A.


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The special effect of PrimeTime entrance matting hides dirt with an appearance of warm splendor. Creating this "special effect" starts with selection of a subtle design dot background and then incorporating your logo graphic with vibrant solid colors.



Colors shown on display literature on artwork may not accurately reflect the actual colors.

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Upon request Rightway Inc. offers a free sample as part of its "Feel and Touch" (SM) service. This way you can determine if the PrimeTime Logo Mat will work for your next project.

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PrimeTime Solution Dyed Custom Mats are made with a highly advanced nylon fiber that is stain resistant, anti-microbial and anti-allergenic. This carpet is also resistant to mold and mildew. Most stubborn stains can be removed simply by using an equal mix of clear household bleach and water.

What is Solution Dyed?
With Solution Dyed Nylon color pigments are locked into the molecular structure of the fiber unlike most normal post dyed fiber where the dye color is only skin deep. The result is permanent, uniform color saturation.

The Advantages of Solution Dyed Nylon

  • Exceptional clarity and colorfastness even with prolonged exposure to light and atmospheric contaminant
  • Outstanding wear performance even when subjected to heavy traffic and harsh cleaning agents
  • Excellent batch to batch color uniformity

Color Locking Technology: This unique blend of UV and heat stabilizers is formulated to give better tensile strength and superior resistance to sunlight, bleach and cleaning chemicals. Advanced Tri-lobal Filament Construction: Retains soil at the carpet surface where it is easier to remove, and refracts light to produce more vibrant, saturated colors.

Unique Hard Twist Fiber Technology: Takes a single extruded fiber and combined it with another in a hard twist. This is locked into place with saturated steam to produce for a unique frieze appearance that give long term appearance retention, superior soil hiding properties and reduced shading effect.

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