Spagetti Logo Mat

Spagetti Mat

grizzly1.jpgA dense concentration of vinyl scraping loops methodically removes snow, water, and sand grits from the bottom of shoes before they track into your Building Lobby. This exterior mat will reduce maintenance costs of your lobby floors.

The Spagetti Mat construction allows moisture to drop down through the loops providing a fast drying commercial exterior product. Not build up of mold or mildew. The matting surface also traps dirt and sand making it ideal for placement at freight entrances. Very easy to clean with hose/water and put back into service.

Spagetti Mats are available in solid color entrance matting or Custom Logomats.

grizzly2.jpgYour custom logo is cut out with a precise laser process so your inlaid logo goes all the way to vinyl backing. High foot traffic in a Commercial Building environment will not wear this custom logo off. The logo/design will have a very crisp definition. There is a selection of 24 vibrant colors to match most logo designs or decors. This logo mat is made in the U.S.A.

A Spagetti Logomat combines a "handsome looking" impression with heavy-duty functionality. This 1/2" thick heavy-duty mat has a vinyl backing with 3/4" black border giving it a total weight of 105 ounces per square yard, plenty of weight to stay in place. This Spagetti mat is also great for recessed wells.

The Spagetti Mat is also great for locker rooms or pool areas.


Request Rightway's offer of a free sample as part of its "Feel and Touch" (SM) service. This way you can inspect the quality along with checking the door clearance to determine if mat will lay out flat when door opens. Pricing is determined by size, number of colors and complexity of logo.

Learn more about how Spagetti mats can help you save on floor maintenance costs.

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