Custom Commercial Logo Floormat

Rightway offers many solutions for your custom mat. Sometimes these choices can be complex because there are many factors to consider (for example: door clearance). We can help you discover the BEST solution for your matting needs. Please complete our information request form, or call us at 1-800-637-0938.

Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom logo floor mats from Rightway, Inc. stand up to years of use and remove more grit and water than other entrance mats. The utility of our custom floormats is only surpassed by their beauty. Rightway custom door mats are available in a wide array of products and colors. Save money on expensive floor maintenance and project a positive image with durable, beautiful custom commercial logo entrance doormats from Rightway.

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Our mats project a positive image while protecting your expensive flooring.

Custom logo floor mats from Rightway come in multiple products to meet your needs. Seven styles are highlighted here. Regardless of which product you choose, we offer the highest quality materials and workmanship for each and every mat we sell.

Our Hercules mats are available in Berber and ribbed finishes for interior or exterior use, such as in front of lobby entrances, revolving doors, and elevator mats. Hercules mats are manufactured using an inlaid logo process where your logo is custom cut and inlaid within the mat. Featuring composite non-skid backing, and heavy duty ADA compliant beveled edges, Hercules mats are available in any size and shape.

Mega Mats are available in curves and shapes that other mat companies don't provide. Great for use as a single or double door recessed entrance mat, these mats come with a 4 year limited warranty; the best in the industry. Available with logo or solid.

Rainbo mats are manufactured using a total dye process, that lets you project a positive image at an affordable price. Your logo will never wear off and Rainbo mats' nylon resists crushing.

PrimeTime matting offers a perfect visual effect with the elegant standards of a Class A Building. Available in a high selection of dense nylon colors, our entrance mat is customized to complement the interior lobby design. This hand crafted floor mat has the ability to protect marble floors from moisture foot prints.

A choice of 40 plus colors makes a WalkAbout Logomat ideal for image enhancement when you have a colorful logo. Ideal for schools, apartments, or military logo when you need performance and easy maintenance in an entrance mat for either interior or exterior placement. The 85 ounce coarse fiber surface allows you the benefits of scraping and water retention.

The Spagetti Logo Mat has a unique vinyl loop construction that scrubs off water, snow, or dirt from the bottom of shoes before you step into a Building Lobby. This PVC vinyl surface is fast drying and resistant to mildew. Our commercial entrance mat can be used to meet Green Leed Housekeeping requirements in conjunction with an interior matting system.

Rightway's Promo Logo Mat is a high volume product available at fantastic low unit cost! Primarily used for a variety of promotional ideas, this logo mat is excellent as a homebuilders entrance mat, apartment entrance mat, condo entrance mat, school entrance mats, fund raising logo mat, events, products, or classy looking and unique promotional giveaways.

Make a great first impression with Rightway custom logo mats.

Rightway offers over 30 years of marketing experience selling quality logo mats. Since one square yard of carpet can accumulate over one pound of dirt per week, it's important to protect your investment by using Rightway entrance mats in front of all of your doors. Contact Rightway today and enjoy quality mats made to match any décor. As part of our "Feel and Touch" (SM) Service we'll provide matting samples and color swatches for your inspection.

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