OBEX Modular Entrance Mat Systems

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The OBEX brand of products offers highly effective, comprehensive modular entry solutions designed as a three zone barrier system to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building.


Available in coordinated colors and patterns, OBEX entry products are engineered to increase the functionality of a building’s entrance without forsaking elements of design or aesthetic. Simple and easy to work with OBEX offers entry systems that can be recessed or surface-mounted as well as exterior and interior applications.










Arx is our ultra-durable interlocking tile system designed especially for high traffic areas. Arx efficiently stops dust, dirt and moisture brought into a building within the first 10 to 30 feet. FormaTM 2.0 offers tough Zone 2 protection and is available in 8 contemporary colors, and can be fully coordinated with QuadrusTM modular tiles.









FormaTM 2.0 11C

  • Closed construction to allow easy cleaning from the surface
  • 11 mm thickness for installation in shallow matwells (3/8” deep) or surface mounted
  • Directly on the subfloor next to any type of floor covering



FormaTM 2.0 16

  • Open structure for an efficient drainage and storage of dirt and moisture
  • 16 mm thickness for installation in deeper recessed matwells (5/8” depth)
  • Suitable for sites with matwell drains, cleaning will require moving product from recessed matwell



FormaTM 2.0 16C

  • 16 mm thickness for installation in deeper recessed matwells (5/8” depth) or surface mounted
  • Closed construction to allow easy cleaning from the surface









A simple and easy to assemble edging system is available for surface mounted installation

  • A PVC edging system is available for products in 11 mm or 16 mm thickness
  • A universal aluminum edging system for products between 8 mm and 16 mm thickness





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