Mega Mat

Rightway offers many solutions for your custom mat. Sometimes these choices can be complex because there are many factors to consider (for example: door clearance). We can help you discover the BEST solution for your matting needs. Please complete our information request form, or call us at 1-800-637-0938.

At last - a truly different type of entrance floor mats. Introducing... MEGAMAT! Customized or solid color! Available in 4 different shapes rather than the same old choice of rectangular, rectangular or rectangular.

Our Mega Floor Mat is made of superior 52-ounce fiber. Most other entrance mats are made of 22 to 24 ounce material. The coarseness of our fiber allows you the benefit of a super scraping action and water retention, therefore reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your floor surface. A serious cost saving! This fiber withstands abrasion. This logo mat is made in the U.S.A.

Our Mega Mat is so easy to maintain. Stain resistant! Daily vacuuming and clean as needed with hose/water. With longevity and easy maintenance, it's much cheaper to own this mat than commit to a contractual mat rental service. A serious cost savings.


Receive more information on our beautiful, easy maintenance Mega Mats.

Our Mega Mat comes with smooth 45° cut beveled edges on all sides or optional 1½" black rubber edges. Most other door mat products end up with torn or ripped edges... the reason for short life use or early replacement. A serious cost savings!

Experience the problem of mats moving around? Someone tripping on it? We offer non-skid rubberized backing to fit the need on polished marble or carpet.

This Mega Mat is "Perfect" for high traffic entrances in public buildings, retail stores, schools, hospitals, or country clubs.

What about price? Customized mats are priced based on detail of logo, number of colors and size. Solid color Mega Mats are priced on square footage.


Colors shown on display literature or artwork may not accurately reflect the actual colors.
Refer to fabric samples for accurate color matching.


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