Hercules Entrance Mat Cleaning and Maintenance


Routine Cleaning and Vacuuming


Equipment -

Use a dual motor upright, high suction vacuum with a beater bar or brushes. Because the carpet is highly abrasion resistant, low settings are acceptable.

Method -

Slow, deliberate vacuum passes are more effective. A minimum of four passes, forward and back, are recommended for effective dirt removal.

Frequency -

Heavy traffic, vacuum daily.

Medium traffic, vacuum every other day.

Light traffic, vacuum once or twice a week.

Monitoring Your Carpet

Do a walk-through inspection of all areas monthly. For optimum appearance and protection of your carpet, it may be necessary to adjust the frequency of vacuuming, spot cleaning and extraction.

Spots and Stains

Spot cleaning should be done daily. The best time to identify stains is during regular vacuuming.

Remove spills and stains immediately, remove solid substances first. 

Liquid spots can be dabbed with an absorbent, clean, white cloth or paper towel. 

Repeat the dabbing until no moisture remains. 

If spot is still visible, use a carpet spot remover (as little as possible) and dab spot simultaneously with a clean, damp cloth or sponge. 

NEVER use commercial stain removers (solvents) which could penetrate through the backing and damage the carpet. (Solvent type products)

DO NOT walk on the wet spot. 

If possible, establish a “hot line” for employees to call for immediate response to spills.

For more difficult stains, contact your sales representative.

Alternate Cleaning

If a Hercules Mat is placed in an external application, use blower or sweep off. If your Hercules entrance mat is positioned inside, roll it up on the transport core provided when the mat was shipped to you, (keep the core), and take it outside and pressure wash at no more than 70 PSI. This forces grit particles out of the middle of the polypropylene fabric. Allow the entrance mat dry for 4 (four) hours and place back into service.

But what if you have cold weather and can not do pressure washing?
Use a hot water carpet extractor using warm water only. Doesn't have to be boiling hot, just warm to the touch. The extractor system will flush out sand/grit and revive mat surface.
Let the entrance Hercules mat lay out for about four hours to dry, and return to service using transport core. The Hercules entrance mat does not absorb liquid stains into the fabric, however, you may see a surface liquid residue from drinks. This will flush out with water and does not leave any stain. It is not necessary to use any stain remover.

Deep Cleaning – Restoring

Equipment -

  • Hot water extraction is the most effective method of removing deep soil. Units with heavy water pressure (PSI), and strong suction (water lift) are recommended for best results. Water temperature should not exceed 100 degrees F.

Method -

  • When extracting, do not over wet the carpet, and extract as much water as possible with dry passes following the final wet pass. Avoid cleaning chemicals that leave residue. Remaining residue can attract soil and cause the need for more frequent cleaning.

Frequency -

  • Heavy traffic, extract a minimum of 4 times per year.
  • Medium traffic, extract a minimum of 2 times per year.
  • Light traffic, extract once per year.

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