The Solution for Slippery Marble Lobby Floors!

There is nothing more vibrant to the eyes than a glossy looking polished marble lobby floor when you enter a Class A Building. This rich appearance just has a first class image of success . . . you feel the warmth of this grand lobby entrance . . . but wait a minute . . . add moisture to this glossy polished marble floor and you have a potential feel of walking on a slick ice rink.

An accident just waiting to happen. Yes you have the traditional entrance mats, a wet caution sign and even umbrella bags, but people continue to slip and fall. It can be a liability nightmare.

The simple solution is to place rain mats on the floor. What are the characteristics of a rain mat? 80 mil lite weight rubber backing with 24 ounce nylon surface. Quick action to position in place in front of existing mats and roll out. The rubber mats lay flat with no curled edges. Another feature is the rain mat can be rolled up with nylon fabric out for easy drying and storage. Use darker tones to hide any soiling.

Let me review the salient secret of why rain mats really work with routine control. The nylon surface grabs moisture from shoe bottoms when taking several steps. This is why rain mats must be 12 feet in length. If you have a single door, use a 4 foot by 12 foot in length. Double doors should be 5 feet wide by 12 feet long. Twelve feet is the minimum length. The longer the better, but remember the larger the mat, the more weight. Sometimes it's better to use two mats, but we have found out the 4' X 12' or 5' X 12' size have ideal weight for one individual to handle. These rain mats have a normal 10 year life wear when properly maintained. Remember to roll up nylon surface out for storage. If the rain mat needs cleaning, use a hot water extractor.

The last comment is pricing! A 4 X 12 mat is $179 and a 5 X 12 mat is $285. We recommend a solid dark gray color to hide most stains.



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