Chairmats for Polished Stones or Wood

chairmat.jpgA polished stone lobby floor of a Class A Commercial Building has the appearance of great splendor. It's so impressive with a silky feel when properly maintained, but we will address the floor care further in this bulletin. Most of the high dollar looking marble floors have a "dirty little secret" hiding right behind the information desk (sometimes call security or concierge). Yes, it's the chair behind the desk with 5 rollers moving back and forth grinding down the glossy flat surface of the marble floor. This grounded dirt etches grooves through the surface seal and penetrates the stone colors causing disfiguration.

The simple way to solve this disfigurement problem is a custom chairmat! Those clear vinyl chairmats don't work because not only do they shift around, but the bottom will scratch the marble surface just like the chair wheels going back and forth.

The solution is a 3/8" stiff berber surface finish custom chairmat with a non-slip rubber backing. It completely removes the problem, yet looks professional. The custom chairmat is made from our prime Hercules Mats family of products.  Any size, any shape! We recommend the charcoal color, but other colors are available. Charcoal doesn't show the soiling. Prior to positioning the chairmat, it is important to damp mop this area with warm water.

This same chairmat can be used on wood floors to avoid scratching the surface with roller wheels. Chairmats can be produced in any size or shape.

Floor care can be easy and low maintenance if approached daily by housekeeping. First, catch dirt, water, and any ice melting salts at the door by placing large mats with waterproof backing at all entrances; salt dissolves and pits marble.  We recommend Sustainable ECO Hercules Matting with a minimum length of 10 feet. The more steps on the matting reduces maintenance of the marble floor.

Secondly, keep the floor clean of superficial dirt by using a minimum amount of water (warm is best) and a cotton string mop. Frequent mopping will help prevent soil from penetrating the surface. The use of detergents for cleaning is not recommended as they tend to dull polished stone and may contain chemicals that are vest to avoid.  Go Green!

If your marble floor shows wear problems, consider a professional honing and polishing by a floor maintenance contractor.


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