Recessed Grille Entrance Mats

pic-recessed-grille.jpgRecessed Grille or Rail Mats combine aluminum or vinyl rails with several different insert materials to offer good performance in building entrances. The superior advantage of this recessed mat is the top surface is flush with the floor, averting any tripping hazard or door clearance concerns. The rail design allows dirt and moisture to fall between the rails down to the recessed well bottom. The depth of the recessed well varies from 3/8" to about 4" depending on selection of rail mat. Routine maintenance is a must! Unfortunately it seldom happens.

We have inspected many recessed rail mats by lifting up the grille. We find a greenish black slime in dump areas with a musty smell. There are also discolored patches in the dry areas. Yes, it is a toxic mold. This is a serious environmental health problem if it creeps into the building air flow system.

If you plan to sustain LEED certifiability, you must set up a continuous cleaning program for a Recessed Mat System. How to clean a recessed system requires removing the rails, vacuuming debris and swab with a solution of bleach and water the interior well. Removing the rail/grille is often difficult due to weight, thus gets neglected.



Possibly, rail/grill replacement could be an option. We use our Hercules product because the maintenance issue becomes simplified. The Hercules lays flush to the floor, avoids tripping hazards, absorbs moisture directly to the surface. Maintenance is simple -- daily vacuuming and easy removal for periodic power washing.

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