Custom Logo Mat FAQ

Q. How do I select which mat is best?

A. There are a number of considerations: indoor or outdoor placement, custom sizes or shapes, detail of logo, colors, durability, etc...that go into the decision process. We recommend you call us at 800-637-0938 to discuss your needs.

Q. Are free samples available?

A. Yes, we offer our "Feel and Touch" (SM) Service. You can call and request mat samples and actual color swatches to assist your decision process.

Q. What artwork is needed to get started?

A. To get the process started, e-mail us your logo in digital format. We can use formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff or vector files such as .ai, Adobe Illustrator .eps or Corel Draw >edr. We recommend PC files but can work with Mac files.

Q. Do you provide artwork proof prior to ordering?

A. Yes, we will e-mail artwork within 3-4 days for your further consideration at no charge to assist your decision making.

Q. Where can I get pricing?

A. Pricing is based on complexity of logo, number of colors, size and number of logo mats. Once we review the artwork, a quotation will be e-mailed with the artwork proof.

Q. Are your logomats warranted?

A. Yes! It depends on the matting product! All mats are warranted for defectsup to 1 year by the manufacturing companies.

Q. Do you provide custom sizes?

A. Yes, you can order custom sizes and shapes with our Hercules, Primetime or WalkAbout series on either logo or in solid colors.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. We require sized artwork, with faxed authorization or purchase order. Payment with order is expected. This is done thru emails, faxes, letters or over the phone.

Q. Can I return a logomat?

A. Custom logomats are not returnable! They are custom and unique for your requirement. If you receive a product in error or there is a defect, please call us and provide return instructions.

Q. How long does it usually take to get a logomat?

A. The average is about 3 weeks from receiving signed artwork.

Q. How are mats shipped?

A. Usually via Fedex Ground, however on longer mats or orders over 120 lbs we will use common freight carrier, such as Old Dominion. We will Email tracking information when mats are shipped to alert you to expected arrival.

Q. Do you offer plain solid color entrance mats?

A. Yes, available in our Hercules, PrimeTime, Walkabout, Rainbo and ScrapeMate.

Q. How long does it usually take to get a plain solid color entrance mat?

A. Standard sizes generally ship within a week. Custom sizes can take up to 2 weeks.

Q. Are entrance mats cut to exact size?

A. Our Rainbo mat series will have a 1-3 inch variance due to rubber backing so the size will be less. All other product will be exact size.

Q. Do mats from Rightway Inc. meet ADA requirements?

A. Yes

Q. What are the advantages of renting vs. buying entrance mats?

A. We have prepared some information for you on renting vs. buying entrance mats. Click here to read more.

Q. Does Rightway have entrance matting that meets LEED sustainability requirements?

A. Yes, learn more about "green" entrance mats and LEED standards.

Q. What about elevator mats?

A. We offer custom sized Hercules matting that fits to specific measurements for cab interior in either solid color or with logo.

Q. Do you offer custom cut revolving door mats?

A. It is important to have custom revolving door mats in your commercial building.  We can help you choose the best product and customize the revolving door mat with your logo. It not only makes a great first impression on entry to your building, a custom revolving door mat will reduce floor maintenance and improve safety for all who enter your building.

Q. What are your terms and conditions?

A. Click here for terms and conditions.


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